With international quality standards, we serve airlines and parts and supplies vendors of aeronautic sector with a staff trained that is aimed at reducing, to the maximum extent possible, the aircraft’s ground time.

The brand Skylog Team has an innovative concept in logistics, which is focused on the worldwide aeronautic market – Logistics of the Sky.

This concept aims at controlling time versus cost, at high service excellence levels to airlines, In Flight Services, MROs and GHAs.

Our objective is to bring logistics solutions that meet 100% the maintenance and checks TAT.

  • AOG DESK – exclusive in time information system regarding cargos by means of chat, email and telephone numbers;
  • Counter to counter services;
  • Initial provisioning management;
  • Technical inspection services;
  • Engine Logistics Care (E.L.C.);
  • Airlines Comat Handling.




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Codes of airports and terms that facilitate the daily life of its logistics.
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