About Us

With freight forwarding technology and a team that specializes in finding custom solutions, DMS handles the most complex operations. For more than 30 years now, we have been collecting achievements through our dutiful work along with a plethora of different industries – from fashion to healthcare, including aerospace and many others. No matter the case or the path to be taken, DMS has the right logistic solution for you.

Main Services

Air Transportation

DMS partners with major airlines to provide swift solutions to our customers' needs.

Sea Transportation

DMS works with the best routes and partners, along with a fully computerized process with real time tracking.

Road Transportation

DMS handles all the logistics involved in road transport, customizing plans according to each case.

Customs Clearance

DMS ensures all the security required to resolve all customs processes with ease.

International insurance

DMS has a special insurance policy for your cargo, ensured by a partnership with a renowned insurance company.


Information is safety. With DLC and DMSYS, our exclusive management platform, you can track your cargo through each step of the transit, with real-time updates.

DMS Logistics

The DMS Way

Custom Tailored Solutions

DMS is aware that every case is unique. We develop custom solutions for each customer, always taking their needs into account.

Real Time Tracking

With DMSYS, our exclusive system, you can track your cargo through every step of the way with up-to-date information available at any given time.

Our Full Attention

Our operators handle fewer projects than the market average. This ensures that they can dedicate more time for each case.